We deliver to Belgium, Finland, France, the Netherlands & Slovenia. More info
We deliver to Belgium, Finland, France, the Netherlands & Slovenia. More info

Sustainability - a matter close to the heart

The protection of the environment is a matter close to our heart. We care holistically so you don't have to. That is why it is important for us to develop the best shoes for your children.


+VIOS stands for high quality, environmentally friendly and renewable raw materials from Europe. This ensures the highest quality standards.

Our sustainable shoes are made of environmentally friendly materials: natural textiles and leather, tanned from renewable resources. Because raw materials from certified sources provide reliability and safety along the entire value chain. It is important to us that the entire +VIOS children's shoe collection is produced in Europe and that fair working conditions are guaranteed. Many of our producers are based locally and have developed our shoes with us in long-term partnerships.

Sustainable origin of the main components without renouncing the usual superfit fit - this is our top priority. This means: children's shoes with no health risks thanks to the highest quality. All leather types of our superfit +VIOS children's shoes are vegetable tanned and therefore free of heavy metals. This vegetable tanned and uncoated leather is very breathable due to its open pores, making the children's shoes especially skin-friendly. All leather hides also come from European sources. The natural colouring of the lining leather results purely from the tanning process. We take responsibility for our leathers to ensure that they are produced to the highest quality standards.

Unique quality from the market leader for children's shoes

In the superfit +VIOS collection the following leather shoes for children are offered: superfit +VIOS Low S