• How can I place an order?

    Unfortunately, we only deliver to Germany and Austria at the moment. For this reason, only orders from thes countries are currently possible. But we are working on it to be able to deliver to other countries in the future.

Repairs & Complaints

  • Where and how can I make a claim for a shoe?

    If you bought your shoes at our online stores (www.thinkshoes.comwww.legero.comwww.superfit.com):

    If you bought the shoes in our online shop, then please send a description and evidential pictures, along with the invoice to: help_at@legero-united-digital.com. Your case will then be assessed by our experts. Please note that we can only process claims concerning items which have been bought in our online shop (the invoice must be made available and sent to us along with the claim).

    If you bought your shoes at a local retailer or in-store:

    In this case, a claim can only be made to the retailer that you bought the shoes from. In the case of a credit note, only the corresponding retailer can settle this. A credit note will only be given if a repair or exchange is impossible. The retailer can decide whether a shoe is reparable or exchangeable.

    If you wish to make a claim, please contact the retailer from whom you purchased the shoes. You can find relevant contact details with our store finder.

  • For how long can I claim for a broken shoe?

    You can make a justified claim for broken shoes within the legal warranty period of two years. Please note that we cannot accept claims cases which are not raised within the legal warranty. Damage due to wear is not a valid reason to claim. For parts subject to wear such as the sole, insoles or shoelaces, there is a warranty period of 6 months. In order to claim, the fault must have already existed at the time of purchase and may not be due to normal wear and tear.

Products & Accessories

  • I’m looking for a specific shoe, but cannot find it in your online shop. Do you still have it in stock somewhere?

    Unfortunately we can only offer you the shoes that are available in our online shop. You might be able to find the shoes at a retailer near your or another mail order company. Please use our store finder for this.

Branches & Dealers

  • Where can I buy legero, Think! and superfit shoes?

    In our store finder you can find all stores and retailers as well as mail order companies that sell our shoes.